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    LCRC Information


    1. Welcome to the Low Country Radio Control Fliers Club (LCRC). We hope you enjoy your membership in this organization. Please read carefully all the material provided and ask questions if you need clarification of any information.

    1. The field is open during daylight hours, seven days a week for flying models. No drugs, alcohol, firearms or pets are permitted. The gate combination can be obtained from any member or officer. Always lock the gate if you are the last member leaving the field (even if the farmer is still working). Also, ensure the chairs are stacked to prevent the wind from disbursing them or birds from perching on the seating areas. We have no trash pickup so carry off any personal trash (leave no trace behind).

    1. We share the facility with farmer(s). It is our responsibility to get along together. Be especially careful when farm workers are in the area. SAFETY FIRST! There is no substitute for good judgment.

    1. Hi-start and winch launched glider flying has precedence on Tuesday and Sunday afternoons from 1:30 PM until dark and on Saturday afternoons from 3:30 PM until dark. No power flying, except powered gliders, will be allowed during this time when glider pilots are at the field. If no gliders are at the field during glider flying periods, power models may be flown until a glider pilot arrives. Non-powered gliders cannot be flown at any other time than those specified above.

    1. All powered flying will be done from the four flight stations.

    1. Helicopters and all powered fixed wing aircraft are not to be flown in or from the pits.

    1. All helicopters are to fly in accordance with all fixed wing aircraft rules, except that pilots that intend to hover for extended periods of time shall fly in the helicopter pad area.

    1. See additional rules posted at the field and the published Club Safety Rules. If you are still using 72 MHz, remember not to turn on your transmitter unless you have the frequency pin and your AMA and Club membership cards are placed in the pin box.

    1. Club members do all work on the field and facilities ourselves. The field needs to be mowed and the sheds/ditches need weed eating each week during the grass-growing season (March to November). Each able-bodied member is expected to participate in this work. Please contact the Field Marshall to offer your services.

    1. Flying instruction is given to members at no charge. Don’t be bashful; ask any member to direct you to an instructor for lessons or flying assistance.

    1. The following policy was approved and implemented by the membership in January 1997:

    • Club members maintain the field. For safety reasons, two people are required to prepare the field. It takes a minimum of two hours for two members to cut and weed eat the field and it needs to be done on Thursday evening, Friday anytime, or extremely early on Saturday morning. The field should be ready for flying by 9:30 AM, Saturday, at the latest.

    • The Club will provide financial compensation for up to 2 members per week for mowing/field maintenance at a rate to be determined by the Club Board of Directors. Compensation will be paid at the end of the mowing season.

    • Mowing sign-up will be coordinated by the Field Marshall through sign-up sheets at Club meetings, solicitation of pilots at the field and via telephone calls to members at home. The Field Marshall and Treasurer will be responsible for keeping the only official cutting/compensation schedule.