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    LCRC ByLaws


    (Revised 04/01/2017)


    The name of this organization shall be the Low Country RC Fliers (LCRC).


    The purpose of the club is:

    a. To promote the construction and flying of powered radio control model aircraft.

    b. To provide an association of active members interested in powered radio control model aircraft building and flying.

    c. To promote safety in and enjoyment of powered radio control model aircraft building and flying.

    d. To establish, equip, own, lease, or hold a flying field and facilities for flying radio control model aircraft that do not require hi-start or winch for launch. Where possible, public land shall be used for a flying field.


    Section 1:

    Anyone with interests coinciding with the stated purpose of the club may apply for membership.

    1. All applicants must apply for and obtain a current AMA (Academy of Model Aeronautics) membership prior to exercising flying privileges at the field. Upon obtaining AMA membership, and payment of club dues and initiation fee, if required, applicants will receive an official club membership card. Members must maintain current AMA membership to continue membership in the club.

    b. Classification of membership and qualifications required for each are as follows:

    1. NOVICE: This classification defines those members who cannot meet the qualifications required for a qualified pilot. He/she cannot fly at the field without the presence and support of a qualified pilot.

    2. QUALIFIED PILOT: The qualified pilot is entitled to unlimited use of the flying field. A pilot rating is obtained by successful accomplishment of the prescribed requirements performed in the presence of an instructor pilot and another qualified pilot. These requirements are as follows:

    (a) Power Pilot:

    1. Start engine unassisted.

    2. Taxi the plane properly for take-off.

    3. Take-off or hand launch as necessary.

    4. Demonstrate straight and level flight.

    5. Perform right and left turns at a constant altitude.

    6. Perform one inside loop.

    7. Perform an Immelmann turn

    8. Cut throttle, stall and recover.

    9. Perform an acceptable landing.

    NOTE: At some point in the flight, the applicant must close the throttle, at the Instructor Pilot’s command, and make a simulated dead-stick landing. To pass this maneuver the applicant must simulate landing safely on the field avoiding buildings, road and flight line without the addition of power.

    1. Instructor Pilot: Those qualified pilots who agree to act as instructors and who have the approval of the board of directors.

    Section 2:

    Membership shall be valid as long as dues and assessments are paid, AMA membership is current, or resignation in writing is received, or membership is terminated by a vote of the membership as provided in the by-laws.

    Membership shall be classified as follows:

    REGULAR: Adults over 19 years of age will have full club privilege including flying, voting, holding office, receipt of newsletters and all other benefits provided by the club.

    ACTIVE MILITARY: Active military personnel who maintain an AMA membership are entitled to a free club membership with flying privileges. When their active service ends they may renew as a paid member with no initiation fee.

    ASSOCIATE: Adults over 19 years of age will have all privileges of club membership except flying, holding office and voting.

    YOUTH: Members under 19 years of age as described in ARTICLE III; Section 3.

    Section 3:

    Members under 19 years of age shall be classified as YOUTH members. Such members cannot vote or hold office and shall have an adult sponsor that is either a parent or adult LCRC member. The sponsor shall be responsible for this member’s actions and shall be present when the youth member exercises flying privileges at the field.

    Section 4:

    Any resident of the lowcountry area with a current AMA membership can fly twice without being a member. Thereafter, they will be required to join the club to use club facilities. Any member of the board of directors may modify this policy for special circumstances. Age is not a special circumstance.

    Section 5:

    a. Any member may resign from this club, for any reason, by notifying the club Secretary/Treasurer in writing.

    b. Any member who has resigned while in good standing, in accordance with a. above, may apply for reinstatement and shall meet all requirements of a new member except payment of the initiation fee.

    c. A member that did not pay an initiation fee before resigning from LCRC is required to pay the initiation fee for reinstatement.

    Section 6:

    Youth members, in good standing at the time they convert to regular membership, are exempt from paying the initiation fee.


    Section 1:

    Dues shall be $96.00 per year for Regular members. All new Regular members shall pay a nonrefundable $50.00 initiation fee. Active duty members of the military are exempt from payment of the membership fee. Dues shall be $48.00 per year for Associate members. All new Associate members shall be exempt from payment of an initiation fee. Associate members will be required to pay a $50.00 initiation fee should they elect to convert to Regular membership. Dues for Youth members shall be $12 per year, with no initiation fee required. The membership year is January through December. Dues shall be paid by the January meeting of LCRC unless otherwise approved by the Board of Directors. For membership beginning after the January meeting, dues shall be pro-rated at $8.00 per month for Regular members, $4.00 per month for Associate members and $1.00 per month for Youth members. Pro-rated dues are to be paid in a lump sum for the remaining months of the club membership year.

    Section 2:

    Failure to pay dues shall result in the termination of club membership. Members who pay club dues but fail to maintain their AMA membership will have their flying privileges suspended until their AMA membership is renewed. Members with suspended flying privileges will be listed in the club’s monthly newsletter. If the member does not renew their AMA membership by the next club membership renewal deadline, their club membership will be terminated. Any member thus suspended for either of the foregoing shall be required to pay a $50.00 late fee and full dues for the year prior to reinstatement of club membership. Any member terminated under this section, applying for membership after the year for which they were terminated, are considered new members under Section 1.

    Section 3:

    Assessments may be levied by an affirmative vote of two-thirds of a quorum at a membership meeting provided that written notice of the place, date, hour and proposed assessment shall have been mailed/emailed to all members or published in the club’s monthly newsletter at least two weeks previous to the date of the meeting at which the vote is to be taken. Members under 19 years of age are not required to pay assessments.

    Section 4:

    Failure to pay assessments when due shall result in suspension of all club privileges and automatic termination of membership. Any member thus suspended can be reinstated upon payment of assessments.

    Section 5:

    Club members, within the classifications as described in ARTICLE III, Section 2, will receive financial compensation for performing the duties of grass cutting of the flying field, plane preparation areas and parking lot, limited to 2 individuals per week who perform the primary duties of grass cutting and trimming only. Such compensation will be provided during the months of March through September, or other months as determined and approved by the Field Marshall. Compensation will be paid at the end of the mowing season. The amount of compensation payments will be determined by the Board of Directors prior to the February meeting each year, based on the projected club expenditures for the remaining months of that year. The amount to be paid will be announced no later than the March meeting of each year.


    Section 1:

    The officers of the club shall be President, Vice-President/Safety Officer, Secretary/Treasurer and Field Marshall.

    Section 2:

    Terms of office shall be by calendar year and elections shall be held during the last quarter.

    Section 3:

    President – Presides at club and board of directors meetings, and ex officio member of all committees.

    Vice-President/Safety Officer – Assumes the duties of President in his absence. Assists and represents the President at committee meetings, etc. as requested by the President. Establishes and promotes club safety guidelines.

    Secretary/Treasurer – Provides administrative support for club business/maintains records. Is responsible for recording minutes of club meetings. Acts as custodian of the funds and is responsible for receipt and distribution of funds. Maintains official club membership records in accordance with club and AMA rosters. Presents a written financial report at monthly meetings and at end of office.

    Field Marshall – Shall be responsible for organizing the club for the care and maintenance of the flying field and equipment.

    Section 4:

    Except for minor disbursements required to conduct the business of the club, no officer, committee, or member of the club shall at any time have the authority to incur any liability or commitment of, against, or in behalf of the club. Financial commitments in excess of $200.00 shall require approval of two-thirds of a quorum. $200.00 or less may be obligated by the President with the approval of a majority of the board of directors.


    Section 1:

    The board of directors shall consist of:

    a. All elected officers.

    1. The previous President is an ex officio member but has no vote.

    Section 2:

    The board of directors shall be the governing body of the club and shall be responsible for the management of activities, property and affairs of the club.


    Section 1:

    Regular meetings shall be held each month at a time/place determined by the President. Special meetings may be called:

    a. By the board of directors at any time.

    b. By the board of directors upon receipt of a petition signed by ten members of the club.

    Section 2:

    A quorum is defined as those members, including at least one officer, present for any regular or special meeting.


    Vacancies in any office, except President, shall be filled by a vote of the Club at a regular or special meeting and the person elected shall serve until the end of the term for which his predecessor was elected. In the event there occurs a vacancy in the office of President, the Vice-President shall ascend to that position for the remainder of the unexpired term.


    Committees shall be established as deemed necessary by the President.


    Section 1:

    All members shall conduct themselves in a responsible manner and adhere to the operational requirements and purpose of the club.

    Section 2:

    The board of directors may recommend to a membership meeting that a member be expelled and his membership terminated for unsatisfactory conduct. The membership by affirmative vote of two-thirds of a quorum at a regular meeting may expel a member and terminate his membership. No such vote shall be valid, however, unless the member involved in such action shall have been notified in writing by the Secretary/Treasurer of such proposed action at least two weeks prior to the date of the membership meeting. Should the unsatisfactory conduct consist of, or include alleged safety violations, the Board of Directors may notify the member that the flying privileges of that member be suspended until such time as the required membership vote is held for proposed expulsion. Should the vote not result in expulsion, then the member’s flying privilege will be automatically restored.

    Section 3:

    Any officer or director may be removed from office by affirmative vote of two-thirds of a quorum at a regular meeting. No removal action shall be valid, however, unless the officer involved in such action shall be notified in writing of such proposed action at least two weeks prior to the date of the membership meeting.


    These By-laws may be amended by affirmative vote of two-thirds of a quorum at a membership meeting provided that written notice of the place, date, hour and proposed amendment shall have been mailed/emailed to all members or published in the club’s monthly newsletter at least two weeks previous to the date of the meeting at which the vote is to be taken.