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    Club Safety Rules

    Low Country Radio Control Fliers Club Safety Rules

    Revised May 3 2014

    The purpose of these rules is to promote the safe enjoyment of flying model aircraft and good fellowship. Our hobby is an inherently dangerous activity. Knowing that any accident might seriously injure someone and jeopardize the club’s ability to have a site where we can fly, each member of the club agrees to abide by the following rules. These rules are intended to supplement the AMA rules posted at the field, and are not intended to override such rules.

    Flying Rules:

    1. No one is allowed to fly at the LCRC field without a current AMA membership.

    2. A pilot must have the frequency pin for his transmitter at any time the transmitter is on. His/Her AMA and LCRC Membership Cards must be posted on the frequency pin board. If an accident happens as a result of radio interference, the pilot in error is responsible for reimbursing the injured party for any damage done.

    3. A turn with the pin is limited to one flight, if another pilot is waiting.

    4. When engines are being run up in the pit area every effort should be made to keep everyone clear of the propeller arc.

    5. Although not recommended, a plane may be taxied from the pit area to the field.

    6. On exiting the field the engine must be cut off and the model carried into the pit area.

    7. If a model must be carried onto or from the field, the intention must be previously announced to any pilot at a flight station. The runway should be cleared promptly by the individual handling the model.

    8. All takeoffs and landing should be along the centerline of the runway except in the case of strong crosswinds.

    9. In no case shall the plane be allowed to fly on the pit side of a line extended through the safety fence in both directions.

    10. Hand launched planes must be launched from the taxi area on the runway side of the ditch and aimed away from the pits when launched.

    11. No more than four pilots may be in the air at any one time.

    12. Pilots, instructors, and students are required to stand at one of the four flight stations and are to announce all pertinent flight situations to other pilots. These situations should include, but are not limited to: takeoffs, landings, low passes, dead stick, and any time the pilot is unsure of his situation.

    13. No one shall stand on the runway side of the safety fence.

    14. A landing aircraft has the right of way over any aircraft taking off.

    15. A dead-stick aircraft has the right of way over all others.

    16. From time to time the club shall designate a member or members as flight instructors. Only designated flight instructors or another qualified pilot shall supervise students.

    17. To be a qualified pilot, a student must demonstrate the abilities to an instructor as described in the club’s pilot Training Plan, and witnessed by another qualified pilot.

    18. There will be no flying during mowing operations.

    19. Flying with headphones is prohibited unless accompanied by a spotter.

    20. Effective 05/03/2014. Planes with engines larger than 70cc are prohibited from flying or running at the field. All efforts should be made to minimize noise via proper propeller selection, adequate muffler system and throttle control. As always, any plane determined to be excessively noisy can be asked to cease flying.

    21. Gasoline powered extreme 3D flying that among other traits involves rapid throttle changes producing a

    sudden high pitched sound is not allowed.

    Recommended good practices:

    1. All new models or models repaired after major damage shall be inspected for airworthiness by the club safety officer, an instructor, or another qualified pilot before flight.

    2. All planes are to have their radios range checked before each day’s flying.

    3. On occasion a pilot may request the exclusive use of the field in the interest of safety, if he has a special situation requiring freedom from distractions.

    General Rules:

    22. All vehicles will park behind the signs indicating the parking area.

    23. Pets are not allowed at the field.

    24. No alcoholic beverages or drugs are allowed at the flying field.

    25. Each club member is responsible for removing his own trash from the field.

    26. Every member’s conduct should reflect that we want this to be a place where everyone can feel comfortable and welcome. Foul and vulgar language has no place and every member and guest must be treated with respect.

    27 Loud music is prohibited unless there is uniform consensus of all these present at the field.

    No set of rules, no matter how inclusive, can replace good common sense and courtesy. All club members are asked to think about what they are doing. If you see another member doing something that you do not think is safe, it is in everyone’s interests that you express your concern to the other club member. SAFETY BEGINS WITH YOU

    28.Courtesy flying privileges will be extended to out of state visitors if they are:

    a. Currently a member of an AMA chartered club

    b. A current AMA member

    c. Their visit is for a limited and fixed period of time.

    d. They receive a check flight by a club member.