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    Monthly Archives: December 2016

    Hello fellow aviators!

    A wish of Cheer!

    It’s a new year and we are excited to bring some new changes to our organization!
    I hope that everyone had great times over the holidays and spending quality time with family and friends.

    Giving Thanks

    I would like to thank all of the club officers, members, and friends/family, who contributed support to the club this past year, labor, moral, and monetarily. Being a member supported organization, the burden will always fall on it’s members. To rise to the occasion when the need arises is the continuing challenge for a club and I believe we have met that challenge!

    • Club picnic – a great turn out, great time & good food this year!
    • Safety fence – a new safety bearer fence was installed and the old one removed.
    • Mowers – both of the field mowers where replaced by new ones this year as the repair costs on 2 old mowers was getting out of control. One old mower was retained for backup and miscellaneous duty.
    • Officer changes –
      1. Earlier in the year Joe Valicenti retired from Treasurer. Great job Joe and a big thanks for your years of service. Welcome aboard Bill.
      2. At the December meeting Gary Booker was elected new club president. A big thanks to the retiring president Ken Wilbur.
      3. At the December meeting Bill May was elected treasurer.
    • Closing comments – as the new president I would like to say that I’m excited about working for the club, have lots of ideas, and look forward to the up coming years for fun and more fun!!!


    — Gary Booker